Our Story

Humboldt beginnings...

I have a love affair with all things vintage. Art nouveau, art deco, mid century modern, bohemian style... I love it all.

My interest in vintage grew from my early life in Humboldt County, California, where I was surrounded by a large fine art community and weekly swap meets. I just found beauty in everything, especially in things that have been forgotten or objects that have battle wounds on them. Those scars usually hold a rich history, and I am a sucker for stories.

I believe that "White Elephant" gifts DO have purpose, they DO have meaning and it's not trash, but treasure! And I'm on a mission to find all the dopest things in this beautiful world of ours so that the vintage love can keep going.


 For rental information, orders, shipping questions, or any other general questions, connect with me HERE.
For event rentals, please include the date of your event and what rental piece(s) you're interested in.