We are proud to bring you one of the largest collections of peacock chairs available to rent in the Sacramento region. Below are our special peacock chairs, vintage seating, and functional pieces that are ready for your special day. EMAIL US HERE for rates and bookings.

The King & Queen

The Twins Peacock Chairs - can be rented separately or together.

The Twins

The Twins, photo by Lori Thomas Photography

White Elephant Co. XL Cobra Peacock Chair

The XL Cobra, our largest chair! Photo by Lori Thomas Photography

The Boheme

The Wide Back Peacock Chair, our second largest chair. (photo credit: Anna Perevertaylo Photography)

The Boho Lady

The Criss Cross Peacock Chair

The Classic Peacock Chair

The Classic Ornate Peacock Chair

Junior Classic Ornate + Classic Ornate

The Classic Ornate Peacock Chair Junior Size

Arched Canopy Bamboo Throne Chair

The Canopy Arched Bamboo Throne

White Elephant Co. Petite Loveseat

The Petite Loveseat

The Peacock Sweetheart Table - 36 inches in diameter

Mini Thrones

Left to right: The Mini Peacock, Bamboo Rocker (no longer available), Woven Rattan Chair (no longer available), Wicker bassinet

The Orange Settee

The Orange Settee

The Drexel X

The Drexel X

The Tufted Greenery

The Tufted Greenery

Mellow Yellow

The Mellow Yellow

The Art Deco

The Art Deco

The Cosco Bar Cart

The Mid Century Cosco Bar Cart

The Black & Beige Boho Rattan Bar Cart

...and many more to come! Most items on the main shop are also available for rent. EMAIL US HERE!