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Vintage Paneled Screens/Backdrops

We have a variety of vintage paneled screens for your staging and/or event needs. You may use it as a decorative wall, backdrop, photography prop, etc.

Vintage Paneled Screens

Left to right: horizontal wicker 3-panel screen, 3-panel carved teak wood screen, bohemian round wicker 3-panel screen, criss-cross wicker 3-panel screen.

Macrame Chandelier Hangers

These beautiful vintage macrame chandelier hangers are the perfect statement piece for your special occasion and will add layers of texture and dimension. Can be rented as a group or separately. Please message us for prices and additional information.

Macrame Hangers

Jute Plant Hangers

We can provide roughly 20+ jute plant hangers to your decorative scene. Great for adding height and layering with plants. Plants are not included.

Wall Basket Collection

Woven wall basket collages add a beautiful layer of texture and pop to any scene, providing a decorative statement that is just as beautiful as furniture. Custom sets can be curated for your special day. Below are some examples of sets (subject to availability):

Woven basket wall collection

...and many more to come! Most items on the main shop are also available for rent. EMAIL US HERE!